Adventures by Level

Does anyone have a master list laying around of FGG adventures and modules based on lvl range for the S&W system? Meaning starting and assumed ending level?

Examples being

Stoneheart Valley=1st-8th+

Bards gate= 1st-10th




My Lost Lands spreadsheet has this info. It should be up to date (just added TB1-4). Have a look:

That helped out a lot thank you very much Drudenhaus.

Some ones I am missing still for level ranges are as followed:

Against Tsathogga

Fane of the Fallen

Hall of Bones

Hex Crawl Chronicles Valley of the Hawks

Hex Crawl Chronicles The Winter Woods

Hex Crawl Chronicles Beyond the Black Water

Hex Crawl Chronicles The Shattered Empire

Hex Crawl Chronicles The Pirate Coast

Hex Crawl Chronicles The Troll Hills

Hex Crawl Chronicles The Golden Meadows

Razor Coast

Razor Coast Heart of the Razor

Splinters of Faith

Strange Bedfellows

MCMLXXV (1975)

The Five Maidens

Zaya's Promise

The Black Monastery

The Lost Lands: The Blight

The Blight isn't out yet, but I have TB1-TB4 in my sheet. I'm fairly certain I own everything on your list so I can check on them tonight. Also, some of the products do not have a set level range. For example, in the Black Monastery, there is a paragraph on page 4 that discusses the level range in without actually naming a single number so I put "varies" on my sheet. The back cover states 5-7 characters of levels 7-10 and average of level 9 though. Anyways, I'll check on these tonight.

I added these in a new tab in my spreadsheet (since they're not placed in the Lost Lands). One item of it is that the Hex Crawl Chronicles vary in "level" because, well...they're outdoors. Think of their level range as that of a wilderness encounter table.


Just so you know, your list was so useful I grabbed a copy for our reference.

Zach, Frog God Games

Found these after digging through the site.

Fane the Fallen 9th-12th

Razor Coast Heart of the Razor 5th-12th

Splinters of Faith 1st-13th+


I put 7th+ on mine with no ending lvl for Monastary.

Were you able to find Hall of Bones?

I've got the start level for the adventures I own, but it's PFRPG system. So not sure if it would be a exact match. 

Against Tsathogga is (quote from the book) 4-6 characters of level 12+

Hall of Bones was for free RPG day and as such is level 1 - it also has rules and pregen characters (with art) to get someone started!

1975 is level 1-2

Zaya's Promise states it was designed for levels 1-4

The Five Maidens doesn't give a level - based on the challenges I'd most likely go with 2-4 myself




Thank you very much guys this helped out a lot.