Hand to hand combat in swords and wizardry

What is the damage dice and to-hit for hand to hand combatants? I don't see it listed.

I'm making a character based on a racial class from NOD and my mini is bare fisted so I'd like it to be a brawler. Would +1 to hit and 1D6 make sense? Or would 1D4-1 X2 be more appropriate?

Or is there rules I am missing somewhere.

Also how do people deal with character speeds on a grid? Or do folks just do swords and wiz generally as theatre of the mind?

The book seems really vague on what character speeds mean.

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In the Complete Rules it's on page 34, Tables 26 & 27.  Movement depends on where the PC's are, indoors or out.

You could use the monk 'class' and call it something else if you don't like the name. (such as brawler).

Movement is based on your encumbrance - which gives a base movment rate (page 34).  the idea is to be gridless because there aren't rules for attacks of opportunity and all the special situations that come up due to it.  This (and the simple math) helps keep the game moving faster.

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It isn't that I don't like the name of the class, it is that I am running the character with its racial class, so I was wary of giving the character abilities reserved for another class. I get the lack of attacks of opportunity etc, but I like to play with minis, so the grid is a pretty useful way of determining where folks are etc. 

I haven't actually had a chance to play yet, just making up some pregen characters for a potential one shot game. I might just houserule character speeds in increments of 5 feet so I can continue with my grid.

Or maybe I'll challenge myself to doing theatre of the mind... but that's scary

You can use a grid - as was said above movement is on page 34 - use the encumbrance (or just go by armor worn) for 6/9/12 base speed.

Inside 6 = 20 feet, 9 = 30 feet, 12 = 40 feet.  Use 5 foot squares.

Outside the same thing applies except distance is in *yards* - treat all squares as 5 foot yards and play like it's a dungeon or whatnot it really doesn't matter too much other than there is alot more space to move around.

Remember that using a map - unlike pathfinder players have facing - and a character that attacks from behind gets bonuses.  How do you know which way someone is facing?  Simple test - if they attack soemone they are facing that person (so someone that attacks from opposite is *behind*) - Rogues are only behind for sneak attack if they have hidden.

I'm making a character in view of a racial class from NOD and my smaller than expected is exposed fisted so I'd like it to be a brawler. Would +1 to hit and 1D6 bode well? Or, then again would 1D4-1 X2 be more suitable? Research proposal help services