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I see FGG have 4 maps to sell in the LostLand section and I need help making distinction between them.

Borderland Provinces Poster Map

Gulf of Akados Region Map

Sinnar Coast Region Map

The Northlands Saga Complete Poster Map

​What I want to understand is if all those are on the same scale or one of those is a larger refion covering the others.  Are some of those bigger version of those that come in campaign book and if so is the level of details the same? Any that is adjacent fron anothers and should go side by side?

I have the RA,Cyclopean I and II Slumbering Tsar, Sword of Air, Cults of SK, BorderlandProvinces, Northland Complete and have some difficulties figuring where are those locations vs the others.  Is one or more of the 4 map anwser that.


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Not really, but you can build your own map using text from the books and laying out the regions because a few overlap slightly.

Gulf of Akados map goes above and slightly to the left of the Sinnar Coast region map. Borderlands Provinces Poster Map goes within the Sinnar Coast map for more detail.

I just combined the three in an image editor for easy reference. I would bet you can do the same with the Northlands Saga, though I don't have that map so couldn't say for sure.

Rappan Athuk is on the Sinnar Coast map just east of the Forest of Hope. Slumbering Tsar takes place in the Desolation, depicted on the Gulf of Akados map (the big brown splotch touching the Stoneheart Mountains). Sword of Air contains locales and characters scattered mostly through the Gulf of Akados map. Sorten's Tower, for instance, is just southeast of Freegate, and Kayden's Tower is in Stoneheart Forest by Bard's Gate.

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Ymmv, that was exactly what I was looking for!

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There will be a more comprehensive map coming with the Lost Lands Campaign Setting Box Set that should tie a lot of this together. No idea when that will be, though.

Shortly after the release of Half-Life 3, I imagine. But the wait will be worth it.

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Word on the street is sometime in 2018. It will definitely drop before HL3.

Northlands connects about 400 miles north of the Barrier Hills. The link is to a rough map showing how things interconnect. Sorry for the low-res....

After the Blight ships the Box Set will be the next new FGG Lost Lands release. Box sets take a lot of planning for logistical purposes and that adds time but lots of the content is already writtem and wriiters are now working on the rest of the content. By the time the KS launches the actual content will be 100% finalized.


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