Lost Lands Regional Traits


Forgive me if I've missed them but it seems like outside of the Northlands Saga there aren't really any regional traits specific to the Lost Lands... 

I can understand why since this would be pathfinder only content so not really as useful to make as stuff that is more easily translatable to other versions (especially since pathfinder versions are already the largest). But I thought it might be fun to brainstorm some traits for those of us that run pathfinder games.


Regional Trait: Zelkor's Ferry - Born in the Shadow of Graves

You grew up near the infamous dungeon of graves, Rappan Athuk. After years of hearing stories from visitors about their encounters with undead and cultists of Orcus, you've learned how to deal with some of their most common attacks. You recieve a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against fear and death effects originating from Cultists of Orcus and undead. Even if an effect usually doesn't grant a saving throw, your unique knowledge of these enemies grants you a will saving throw to resist these effects (DC 10 + caster level + the creature's wisdom or charisma bonus, whichever is higher.).

Regional Trait: Plains of Mayfurrow - Mayfurrow Farmer

You were raised on a fair on the plains of Mayfurrow. Because wild beasts would commonly enter the fields, you learned to defend yourself with whatever implements you had on hand. Because of this training you don't take a penalty for using items commonly found on a farm as improvised weapons.

Regional Trait: Stoneheart Mountains - Raised by Bear Riders

You grew up comfortable with and interacting with bears as one or more of your close relatives in the Silverhelm Clan was an accomplished bear rider. Your familiarity with these creatures gives you a +2 trait bonus on handle animal checks made to influence or train bears. If you have the bear rider feat you also gain a +2 bonus to ride checks made while riding a bear.

Regional Trait - Amrin Estuary - Born on a Barge

You spent most of your early years living on a barge as your parents ferried goods around the Amrin Estuary and the surrounding streams and rivers. As a result, you learned to swim at a young age. Swim is always a class skill for you, and you gain a +2 trait bonus on swim checks.


Anyway, I plan to make up some more please feel free to add your own!

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Regional Trait: Dearthwood survivor

You were raised by druids or rangers within the deady dearthwood forest where the alkaline soils render much of the water poisonous and undrinkable. You can cast purify food and drink as a spell-like ability once per day.  

Regional Trait: Black Forest tracker

You lived for many years among hunters and trappers working in the Black Forest. Because of this forest's hard packed trails game is more difficult to track. Your skills honed working in this forest give you a +2 trait bonus to survival checks made to follow tracks in forested areas.

Regional Trait: Escapee from Bone Hollow

Earlier in your life you were captured by the hobgoblins of Bone Hollow. Somehow you managed to escape certain death at their hands. Their treatment of you has left you with an enduring hatred of them. You recieve a a +1 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against Hobgoblins. Likewise, you get a +1 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them.


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I need to make more of these... I think I'll do some for neighbourhoods etc of Bard's Gate today

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Tent City Squatter

You grew up among the bustle and squalor of Tent City, among danger and commerce. Choose either appraise or intimidate. You gain a +2 trait bonus to checks involving the skill, and it is always a class skill for you.

Blackfinger Recruit

You spent time among the mercenary company Blackfinger's Devils, learning much in terms of tactics during your stint with the company. You gain +2 trait bonus on initiative checks and stealth checks when in grasslands or forest terrain.


Cool stuff!  Pretty flavorful.  Hope you do more!

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Thanks! I think I will sometime soon!

Love this stuff guys! Thank you so much for posting this!