Adventures by Level Range


Out of curiousity, has anyone started up a table of suggested party levels for the FGG/NG adventure sets? I started work on the handful of books I had a couple years ago, when the Lost Lands started to take shape; but haven't really touched it since.

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Drudenhaus has started work on a nice spreadsheet that lists each adventure, where it is located, what book it is in, party size, level, etc.  I'm supposed to add the older NG modules to it but haven't had a chance yet.  You can take a look at it here:

and the thread it is located in is:

This will eventually be added to the wiki that is just starting out at:


Awesome, thank you much!

One suggestion for this list... you may also want to list which adventures have connections. For instance...


**** SPOILERS ****


There is a location in Rappan Athuk that can teleport the party to one of the adventure areas in Quests of Doom.... Stoneheart Valley (specifically, the Tomb of Abysthor) and Rappan Athuk are connected via a two-way teleport....Barakus connects to the Cyclopean Deeps, etc.


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That's a great idea!  Will do when I have a chance to add to it.

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I am hoping the box set comes with a larger overview map that shows adventure locations