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Introduction to the Methodology of S&W Conversion

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S&W, A Low Complexity System

Conversion thoughts from the Shadow Frog!

Searching For The "Wee Little Bear" System

Philosophical musings from the Shadow Frog!

It is 33 years since the summer of 1981 that I was first introduced to the world of Dungeons & Dragons. I have had a lot of ups and downs with the game over this time. I reflect upon the multitude of things that are just not as important as they seemed to be at times in the past. A question I ask myself especially with dawning of a new edition: Is it time to sacrifice more sacred cows upon the altar of change?

Monster Hit Dice & Class Levels in S&W

From the swampy muck of the Shadow Frog bog! The following blog may not be for the faint of heart with regard to rules and may cause your eyes to glaze over. 

Alternative S&W Saving Throw Table

Off in the system design weeds with the Shadow Frog!

A unique S&W feature is the single saving throw.  All other “systems of the game” whether classic or modern have multiple saving throw categories. Five for the oldest systems, then three by 3e, and now six for 5e. A look at the 0e five category system is shown in Table 28 (S&W Complete, p.35). 

Options in Swords & Wizardry

Yet more chaotic and rambling musings from the Den of the Shadow Frog!

“Variation and difference are desirable, but both should be kept within the boundaries of the overall system. Imaginative and creative addition can most certainly be included; that is why nebulous areas have been built into the game.” (E. Gary Gygax, Preface, Dungeon Master’s Guide, 1979)

The Living Dungeon

A musing from the den of the Shadow Frog.

The concept of the living dungeon is vintage old-school circa 1974 per 0e: Volume III - The Underworld and Wilderness Adventures. An appropiate adjective would also be earliest or first. This was a time when I had no concept of an RPG and was beginning my kindergarten year. 

Enter the Shadow Frog

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